Uncle Milton - National Geographic


August 22, 2012

It is so much fun playing in the dark with Uncle Milton’s Expedition Sky Flare at Night and High Sierra Eco Explorer Headlamp. 

The Expedition Sky Flare at Night was a great toy to play with once the sun went down. It works like a slingshot. The flare has a red light on it so when you shoot it into the sky it leaves a trail of red going across the sky.  The further back in the slingshot the higher the red flare will fly it can soar up to 50 feet.  It was great entertain for the kids.

We adventured out the next evening after dark with the High Sierra Eco Explorer Headlamp. It was a big hit with the kids; I think the response was “AWESOME”. We search for night crawlers and found other evening creatures such as frogs and small crickets. 

The kids decided to head down to our chicken coop in our backyard to see the chicken roosting and to check to see if one of them had laid an egg. No eggs but lots of fun exploring our backyard at night with Uncle Milton toys.