Treat Yourself to Self-Care with Sage Massage & Bodywork

By By Nicki Medford, Publisher at Macaroni Kid Raleigh March 26, 2021

Clean the house. Teach the children. Take this Zoom meeting. Walk the dog. Send some emails. Do the laundry. Go grocery shopping. Make dinner.  

Being a parent is just a constant long list of things to do, and then waking up to do it all over again. So when the opportunity for a midday massage break from my long to-do list presented itself, I didn’t have to think twice. 

Lauren Van Riper is a licensed massage therapist and the owner of Sage Massage & Bodywork in Apex, NC.  Lauren has been providing massages for over 15 years and specializes in medical massage, Thai massage, deep tissue therapies and prenatal massage. 

Her Apex studio is extremely inviting, with soothing music and tasteful décor.  I felt calm and comfortable right away.  Lauren started my session with a quick consultation, asking about any problem areas and pressure preferences before beginning a blissful 75 minute massage. I came into the studio feeling so “busy”, running through my list of all the things I still had to accomplish that day, but by the end of the massage all that stress had melted away.  I left feeling so refreshed and relaxed.  

Life as a parent doesn't slow down, and pretty soon the stress of the holidays will be upon us too.  Self care is often neglected, but I highly recommend taking a break from your regular list of chores and commitments to book an appointment with Lauren at Sage Massage & Bodywork. You won’t regret it!