By Kristen Roy Publisher of Downtown-Midtown-North Raleigh January 11, 2023

               Congratulations you have made it 100 days of school                      and that is an accomplishment!

-100 Lunches-100 Snacks-100 Busy Mornings-

What do your kids do at school on the 100th day?

Your kids do like 100 activities but all you need to know is, if you have a kindergartner its time to give them a Grandma/Grandpa make over! (check with your kids teachers for other grades) Kids go all out for this day from hair dye to wigs, robes with cats and curlers, argyle sweaters are always a must and some kids bring inflatable walkers or canes. Check out my oldie vision board above for some ideas. Almost everything on there you can find on amazon! If you are a busy parent and don't mind ordering from prime, I saw multiple costume packages for kids with a lot of these supplies inside.  I will defiantly be ordering a few things to make life easier but also because this is such a fun day to get excited about. My oldest made her own Life Alert tag and we had a lot of fun dressing her up. What ever your budget you can find creative ways to do this from home, we even drew wrinkles on her forehead with eyeliner. Get creative and tag MacaroniKidDowntown-Midtown-North Raleigh in your social media photos. I can’t wait to see all the great ideas!  Don’t miss out on the printable below.

If you are a teacher or parent that likes to craft check out our free printable to help mark your moment.